Huang Yan chinese Chinese Landscapes Painted on the Human Body.

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I knew I missed something in London!

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies exists.

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“This Is What My Mother Has Taught Me,” Shinji Moon
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??????? is it 2014 or fuckung 1414? does the book have to be handscribed by monks and put on a ship from europe to come to the americas? does a courier have to wait for the spring thaw to navigate the treacherous rivers and roads to my city? did i order this on my laptop or did i just chip my credit card details into a stone block and throw it down the mountain? am i even going to be able to turn the pages or has our species not yet crawled out of the goddamn oceans and evolved opposable thumbs??????????

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Fishermen At Sea (1801)

J.M.W. Turner

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For Frodo

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Anonymous asked:
Poems or advice on what to do when it's late and you're incredibly lonely?


let yourself want, but remember that you weren’t born a half of a whole. you are not some empty thing waiting to be filled. take the loneliness for what it is, but never forget that you are already complete. this longing is only extra, and you will not break because of it.

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cr 發邊咪奇

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Baidu !!!! Thanks !!! I’m very touched !! Thanks to my ELF !! :) I love you

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Ask for more pocket money, and plot the downfall of the bourgeoisie  

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